226556 on Manuel
Proper Completion in 02:17:24
N.S.S. Frieza Was Right aboard Ice Box Station
Station Integrity
Survival Rate
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Orange Star
Forced Threat Level -1
Threat Level 42
Maximum Threat 100
Player Count 31
Roundstart Budget 42
threat_curve_centre -0.4
threat_curve_width 4
forced_extended 0
no_stacking 1
stacking_limit 90

Round Initialized Duration Round Started Round Duration Round Ended Duration Round Shutdown
2024-04-02 18:22:53 00:04:27 2024-04-02 18:27:20 02:17:24 2024-04-02 20:44:44 00:01:15 2024-04-02 20:45:59
Log Links Round 226556 Public Logs at /tg/station Round 226556 at 🐝 Scrubby
Github Commit 8628cbc54e945da1b4c85aac5ba94e8380c1812b
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Basic Statistics
Cody Jenner (BlackKnight1030) as The Brother /datum/antagonist/brother
Delaron Eraborn (Delaron) as The Brother /datum/antagonist/brother
Bryant Digson (Harcey) as The Traitor /datum/antagonist/traitor
  • SUCCESS Steal the heavily radioactive plutonium core from the onboard self-destruct
Carot Tae (Xzero314) as The Traitor /datum/antagonist/traitor
  • FAIL Steal the Captain's jetpack
  • FAIL Steal the Blackbox
  • FAIL Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody.
Chad Chadwick (NoobySSboi) as The Brother /datum/antagonist/brother
  • SUCCESS Convert a brainwashable person using your flash on them directly. Any handheld flash will work if you lose or break your starting flash.
  • SUCCESS Prevent Dini Meowsy, the Medical Doctor, from escaping alive.
  • FAIL Hijack the emergency shuttle by hacking its navigational protocols through the control console (alt click emergency shuttle console).
red adult slime (62) (beeboosci) as The Pyroclastic Anomaly /datum/antagonist/pyro_slime
  • SUCCESS All I know fire. I speak in tongues of flame. Why is everyone so cold?
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